Papa Planes

Custom Wooden Surfcrafts

About Us

Papa Planes shapes handmade wooden surfcrafts from our workshop in Beach Haven, NJ. We use a mixture of local and exotic woods, from reclaimed construction waste to premium milled lumber. Each board bears its own individual personality, as practiced craftsmanship carefully exposes the natural characteristics of each unique wooden canvas. Our boards are lightweight and strong, finished to withstand water, sun, and aquatic fun. Wooden materials are environmentally safer than their foam counterparts that dominate the surf industry.

Our handplanes lend increased planing surface and lift when bodysurfing. With our user-friendly designs and a pair of fins, you needn’t be a skilled surfer to swim out and draw clean lines across the waves. Our up-cycled wetsuit straps provide a comfortable and customizable neoprene fit.

Our paipo models are bellyboards for prone waveriding. Again, less experienced water enthusiasts will find it easy to glide through the water and fly down the waves as a surfer does. These small wooden boards are spry and responsive in the water.

Our alaias are finless wooden surfboards, based on ancient Polynesian wave riding equipment dating back over 300 years. Our alaias blend modern design with traditional style. Go faster than ever in playful summer waves, or step it up when the swell’s running and discover a challenging new approach to surfing.